GTEM CELL           

Fatehin Sanat Sharif                                                                                                      

The GTEM cell is a frequency extended variant of the traditional TEM (Transverse Electro-Magnetic) cell. The GTEM cell is, in principle, a tapered coaxial line, from a coaxial feeding point, having an air dielectric and a characteristic impedance of Z = 50 Ω. This coaxial line is terminated by a combination of discrete resistors and RF absorbers to achieve a broadband match. The outer conductor of this “coax line” is created by the metal walls of the cell which provide screening for both internal and external electromagnetic fields. We can reach to more space which implements this kind of cell to perform EMC tests, and it can be said that all the tests performed in the TEM Cell can be performed in  the GTEM Cell as well.



Input connector: N Nominal impedance: 50

Frequency range: 0.03 ~ 18 GHz

Typical VSWR:1:1.2

Max. input power, W continuous/pulsed: 500W/1 KW

for time and frequency measurments

Outer (LxWxH) cm: 400x220x150

Door (WxH) cm: 61×61

Wheeled undercarriage – Trolley: yes

Weight Kg. Approx.: 400

Max. test volume (LxWxH)cm: 60x60x60

Septum height: 1000mm

4 X Coax Feedthrough Filter Type N

1 X Power line Filter 16A

3 core optical fiber Feed-thru

Shielding Effectivness better than -80dB

Application : field-immunity test, measuring of

emission and Antenna calibration









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